Monday, 1 March 2010


Good afternoon everyone!

I lost 2.5lbs so Im well chuft! Really needed a loss.
Had a whoopsie this morning or it was more through the night actually I ate a bag of haribos..had lots saved up tho so think enough to cover it!!

Was reading yesterday in a magazine(a slimming one of course lol) this woman had lost masses of weight and every weigh in day after she had LOST she had something that she felt she missed..hers was a cream cake! Ive been thinking what I would have if I did this...? I had thought of lumpy bumpy cake from my local morrisons cafe and a lush latte lol or a portion of fries from mcds...both things totally not good for the liver of course.

what does everyone else do to stay on track??? Surely we cant all be goody too shoes all the time!??
I have to get ready now for the lunch time rush at the cooke household ...what will it be today??!

speak to you very soon

love lots sherry xxx