Thursday, 4 February 2010

Good evening all

Hello everyone!
Nearly the weekend again..the days are just flying in and my flab with them with any luck lol
hope everyone is well!
Been busy doing some diy,just getting the house all tidied up!Tricky job but has to be done!

Its just a waiting game for all those dreaded hospital results now...not looking forward to that all.
I have decided to take myself away on holiday next year with my friend Laura and her daughter and my daughter best friend all womans week! wahey! Still more than a year till we go but Im sooo excited already!
This year tho we are going to Skye in July just me hubby and our dogs as my daughter is away sunning herself with caitlin. Then in September we are planning Grannys heilin hame in Dornoch..should be fun!
Had a good day today....

breakfast - toast and laughing cow
Lunch - spicy lentil and vegetables soup and herby bread
tea - pork escalope,cauliflower cheese,new potatoes and vegetables desert was chocolate pudding
night time - ready brek and caramel log.

Managed to fit 2 half hour walks in today so happy with that!

Decided to get a new hair colour and cut on celebrate my 1st stone well hope first stone on Monday ...

will also pop a new pic on one stone down lol

best wishes to everyone!


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