Friday, 29 January 2010

Good Morning all..yes sleep is not happening AGAIN aghhhhh!

Hiya everyone,
Another night counting the sheep for me and now even the sleep are sleeping and Im still awake!!!!!!
For those of you who dont know I have bad arthritis in my back and now have liver problems which Im worried about so thats keeping me awake as well.
I have a scan on Sunday for my liver much the same as a baby scan so Im told....should be interesting! I then go into see a doctor on the 13th Feb to see what the problem is. I had blood taken last wednesday and got called today to tell me they want it done again as they have found something in it again....the worse thing is they dont tell you what they have found just leave you guessing!haha
The diet has went well today no hiccups..hasnt it been a quick week?? Well it has been for me this will be week 4 on the scales!

Breakfast - toast on laughing cow (old faithful haha)

Lunch - 2 triangle sandwiches with ham,cheese and pickle (hubby pinched other half) 1 scotch pancake with raspberry jam

Dinner - Chicken salad with oven baked home made chips,cart d ore light vanilla ice cream and sugar free jelly.

Night time - ready brek and tunnocks snowball

Saved 1.5 so all in all a jolly good day!

Going to a body shop party tomorow night...really dislike these kinds of parties now! Me and my friends went through a stage when we were having at least one selling party of some kind a feel you have to buy something and its always something you dont need Id much rather pop the £20 in my holiday pot!
please forgive any spelling mistakes...Im tired lol

speak soon xx


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