Monday, 25 January 2010

todays eating

well folks thats me munched my fill for the day!!
Managed my walk..half an hour,kind of feel better for it actually!
Been good today...not really struggling at all as yet and have to confess to not feeling like Im on a diet may well as the points go down tho.

Breakfast - hovis best of both toasted x2 with laughin cow light tiangles x2

lunch - wws spag bol and tunnocks snowball (1.5 and i lurve them lol)

Dinner - home made sweet and sour chicken with 80g dry weight cooked rice (huge portion for 7pts)

night time - ready brek, asda spicy snacks, snowball

saved 1.5 pts

Hope everyone has a great week slimming and I will speak to you all soon. xxx


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