Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Another day in and Ive survived! :)

Evening everyone! Hope you are all well today...and for my slimming friends I hope you have all had a good day..remember anytime you need a friend or just a person to listen Im here!

Im sitting waiting on big brother coming on..yes I watch that crap show hee hee Have to confess to quite enjoying it this time but still cant stand Divina mc coll o' the woman grates on me!!

Im totally freezing as well the temperature has dipped bed and keep putting my cold feet on my sleeping hubby just to watch him jump haha its funny...well for me..and stops him snoring!!

Todays eating has went well..

Breakfast - 2 boiled eggs and toast cut into that mmmm

Lunch - wwfh spag bol

tea - Home made chinese chicken & mushroom curry with boiled rice and a homemade nan bread (which was good for 1 point!) wws strawberry and meringue pudding

night time - ready brek, tunnocks teacake and pkt of skips

Have to say I love my ready brek,like porridge as well but really love the honey ready brek and its really filling! Go to bed with no hunger pangs which I really like!

mines is a simples life .....


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