Tuesday, 19 January 2010

My god Im late tonight!! lol

Good Morning everyone...not been to bed yet but its still morning lol
Had another good day.....did my half hour walk again so happy with that.

Me and Babz have decided to do the race for life this year,I will have to walk it and take my crutch but it will be great to able to go this year as we talked about doing it last year.

Todays eating has been good and enjoyed it..

Breakfast - toast and laughing cow..seems to be the breakfast of the week lol

Lunch - wwfh tomato and basil chicken

dinner- Cod,homemade oven chips and baked beans and a wws pudding(made the chips recipie from the big fat diet programme they were really good)

night time - ready brek, skips and a teacake!

Hope everyone is well and speak to you all soon.xx


Blogger Denise Burks said...

You can do it! Your attitude is inspiring.

I remember one time we were having some work done in our house and I told my husband, "It will be a bit sad when all of the work is done, we've worked so well together."

He just laughed and said, "Denise, the work is never done. As soon as this gets wrapped up, something will break or need updating and we'll have to start another."

I guess my point is that we are always evolving and moving and improving and failing and lifting and falling and learning and screwing-up.

The journey is the prize and you are on a journey!


I'm going to say goodnight and think about how I can re-start my own fitness journey.

A work in progress...



19 January 2010 at 20:48  

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