Sunday, 17 January 2010


Hello again everyone ....
Emailed my good friend Karen from the winter challenge who I met on the 5+ boards at weight watchers and she suggested I logged my daily menus on my blog..might help other people might not!! Might help me not to cheat if Ive to write my food intake on the world wide web as well lol

Anyways I think ile write abit everyday about how Ive managed and what Ive eating just to help me as well. Here

Breakfast - scrambled egg,beans and 2 slice of toast

breakfast was kind of lunch as slept late today lol as you do on a sunday!! :)

dinner - lowfat sausages,mash potato, mashed turnip, carrots and brussel sprouts( yes i like the little green suckers lol)

supper - ready brek and 3 chocolate digestives and one banana

This has been my lot today banked 5 as I get weighed 2moro morning and dont want food sitting in my belly!
You might even find the odd picture of a meal on here if I think it looks great or some recipies!! x


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