Thursday, 21 January 2010

When people let you down...

Today was a good day untill night time lol

Dont really know where to start..the eating has been fine havent done anything there so dont worry haha

A family member let me down today and it really hurt me..hubby said I was being silly and I should be more thick skinned but then I wouldnt be me!

I feel like some people are just take take take and never give anything in return and that sadens and really hurts me.

We have two dogs who are I suppose the apple of my them dearly they have seen me through alot with my illness's if I was sad or sore or even just weepy my wee Tara was there with her little wet nose at my face to let me know she was there.

Its very hard for me and my hubby to trust people to watch them as I constantly worry about them when we are on holiday to the point where we didnt have a holiday abroad last year. This year I asked my neice and her fiancee who we trust very much and knew would treat the dogs well..she said yes no problem and we were happy knowing that the dogs would be ok.

Tonight she 'text' (which is worse) and said her fiance didnt want the dogs as didnt want the responsibilty.......I am sure there are people reading this saying stupid woman but I was soooo hurt!

We have done alot for my neice and I felt really let down. Ive also had a really bad few years health wise and she knows how ill I am and she couldnt just not be selfish this once and help us for a was bad enough they has a new years party and didnt think to ask us then came for new years day dinner..ate it said how great it was then left lol

Dog kennels really are not an option for hubby just mentioned it and i was in floods of tears...maybe its nearly my time of the month but the thought of driving away and leaving them in a kennel just is not good!!

Anyway rant over and if anyone is still reading this thankyou!!


Blogger giggles said...

did you get this sorted??? Hope so.

24 January 2010 at 10:44  
Blogger 2010newme said...

No...we cancelled all the holidays :(
I was sooooooooooooooo fed up when i wrote this lol
Just going to go away in our caravan now so we can take our hairy babies with us! xx

24 January 2010 at 16:51  

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