Friday, 22 January 2010

Its the weekend again...

Good morning everyone!
Its 1.54 am lol and yes I cant sleep quite the normal for me...why are you always sorer at night?????? agghhh hate it!
Anyways had a good day today not felt hard done to or felt the need to cheat!
Fridays is our quick tea night as we go to asdas for the weekly shop!

Breakfast - toast and apricot jam

lunch- wwfh chicken hotpot

dinner- homemade lentil soup and bread,shape trifle

night time - ready brek, 2 tunnocks snowballs,pkt golden wonder spicy snacks

25pts in total so saved 2 pts!!

I also clocked some points up walking around asda as we kept forgetting something and had to trot back for it we do every week!!

I have the shopping list planned down like a military operation lol I look through my recipie books and plan the weeks dinners,lunches and then do a list of everything for the week! It works great and as we eat dinner before we go we're not tempted to buy a goody with our cups of coffee at the cafe.

speak soon

sherry xx


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