Sunday, 24 January 2010

twas the night before weigh in...not a creature was stirring and there better be no mice lol

well here we are the night before the third weigh in....cant believe its been 3 weeks all ready!
Ive been really good,stuck to my points or just below all week and had a walk everyday...Im still nervous has had a great loss last week!

Todays eating-

breakfast - dry fried eggs x2 and toast with mushrooms

Lunch - none as was up later and had later breakfast

Dinner - creamy chicken casserole,greens and mash potato,shape low fat trifle

night time- ready brek and skimmed milk,2 tunnocks snowballs

saved 4pts today....only because I dont like to eat after 9 day before weigh in and still had 4 when I got to 9 lol

Will post tomorow morning after the big weigh in, night everyone! xx


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