Saturday, 23 January 2010

well another saturday without chocolate .. 3 weekends now!

hi everyone,

When we started back on weight watchers on our first trip to asda for the weekly shop ..I said 'right then..what sweet u wanting for the film saturday?' Hubby said 'none lets just try and give the saturday chocs a miss and break the habit!'

My god the shock and horror must have been all over my face...a whole weekend with no chocolate,this was going to be hell!

We managed it tho watched a film and just had a normal night like we would have through the week.

Our normal thing would have been wahey the weekend and we would have blown all the good work we had done through the week.

We are 3 weeks in now and not missing choc I mean heavy duty choc!! lol
Todays eating has went really good..another thing we miss is the good old take away so at the weekends ive been making meals with the take away theme...tonight we had chicken biryani and it was really fabby!! It was from a wws cook book and was only 6.5pts and a great sized portion..I actually left some!
breakfast - beans on toast
lunch- none as late breakfast but had a tunnocks snowball and cup of tea
dinner- chicken biryani and wws strawberry meringue pud
night time- toast with low low cheese and ham, tunnocks teacake and pkt salt and vinegar sticks.
saved 3 pts as well!
good luck for tomorow everyone and will speak soon!


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