Thursday, 28 January 2010

WELL....what a good bargain day I had today!!!

Well for all you small feeted people out there you are so lucky!!

I on the other hand am a size 9..have been since they operated on my foot and made it worse lol!

today I went to New look with Babzi and I got 6 pairs that were £3 or £5 each ...I was soooo happy with myself!

They are not quite like this bad boy here cause my days of them are well over....sadly lol

Ive had a good days eating today as well...watched market kitchen yesterday and there was a doctor on it (from that embarassing bodies programme) He said not to skip breakfast as it slow your motabolism soooo in a bid to get slimmer I will eat some form of breakfast everyday!

so today ....

breakfast- 2 hovis best of both toasted with 2x laughing cow

lunch - wwfh chicken hotpot (this has to be my fave!)

Dinner - Homemade shepards pie and steamed vegetables. I added some mash turnip into the mash potato and it gave a really good my daughter ate it lol

Night time - old faithful ready brek...been asked why I dont just have porridge..its simple really I like ready brek lol I also had 2 teacakes tonight.

I saved 4 points!!

Did my menu for next weeks meals..still havent got bored with it yet and I quite like the trot around asda with my hubby at night! I cut out the coupon in the paper too for the £5 or £10 off now thats a bargain lol

well my lovely friends night night xx


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