Thursday, 28 January 2010


After talking to kim tonight I realise that maybe I havent put the fattest of pics on my profile...I am fat in everyone you understand but they perhaps dont quite catch it lol

Soooooooooooooo.....I have decided to pop the picture on from my halloween party this year that really took me aback.....when I saw it I thought woooo my chin is not that big!!

It was from this picture I decided enough is enough and NO more!!
I have always been the fat little sister or big sherry...never just Sherry! I remember not so long ago my mum handing me a tshirt that totally sucked by the way and said 'theres a t shirt for you I bought it but it is too big for me!' It hurt me so much.
I have since noticed that she actually does it alot....has little digs about my weight like youve always been a big lass,constantly asks if u want biscuits even tho she knows m slimming.
I dont want to be that big lass anymore I want to just be me! xx


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