Monday, 1 February 2010

Fourth week weigh in!

Good evening all...

Well stood on scales today and had a 3lb happy with that.
We still havent been having 'bad' snacks and are still giving the choc and dvd Saturday night a miss!
I did go to pizza hut last week and had the happy hour meal which I totally enjoyed..wedges and spag bol!! I was very good and asked for it without any cheese tho and just added a small sprinkle of parmesan at the table!

I also went to the cinema and didnt even venture into the sweet shop bit...and thats very good for me! Have to say it felt quite alien sitting there and eating nothing during the film but I will be fine from now on.

Ive also been for my liver scan and just awaiting the results now...feel ok and trying to just think positive about it all. Been doing some diy to keep my mind off it..sproucing up our bedroom and kitchen.

I managed a good walk tonight..walked to the post box and posted a letter..normally I would send my daughter,walked to the shop with my daughter, walked to my alls good!!

Ive decided that I will also get up early all week and see if this helps me sleep and Im also not taking my laptop upstairs as I think being on the laptop keeps me awake. I left it downstairs last night and slept which was great got up refreshed today..ready for my day!!

todays eating has went well..

breakfast - toast and lemon and lime marmalade
Lunch - wwfh chicken and mushroom pasta
dinner - stewed beef with root vegetables,new potatoes and green beans pudding was light vanilla carte dore ice cream with sugar free jelly
night time - 2 tunnocks snow balls with cup of tea.

I have been trying to have a pudding everynight as I really enjoy something nice after my dinner.

Hope everyone has a good week and I will speak to you soon! x


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