Saturday, 13 February 2010

Liver without the onions!!!

well hello everyone,
Its been a few days since a left anything on here..
There has been a few reasons..Firstly Ive been quite busy doing peoples wedding flowers and as its near valentines day Ive had a run on corsages and single stem roses lol
I also got the results back from my liver tests. I was also at hospital today to see a specialist.
Ive been a little sad and scared too be honest we never want to know theres something going on inside us where we cant see!
I have what is commonly known as fatty was a blow a can tell you!! I immediately thought omg..Ive done this too myself. The doctor reassured me that I could be 6 stones and be told i had 'fatty liver' but as Im obese( hate that word) losing weight will eliminate that as the reason!!
I also got a list of foods to aviod..sadly all the foods that I love but I havent been eating them for the last 6 weeks and I dont miss them so Im sure i will manage without them now!! So watch this space I will be thin and I will lose this fat from my liver!
I spent a great day at edinburgh Zoo through the week with my Friend Laura and our kids and my wee neice Ellie it was soo much fun although we did see alot of animals doing dodgy things!!
A frisky baboon, A gorilla playing with his willy lol, A rhino willy as he peed all over us! Was so much fun but try explaining all that to a 5 year old lol

well ile speak to you all soon Im off to get ready for my hot date with my hubby for valentines day..hope you all have lots of love tomorow! xxxx

sherry,love to all!


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