Monday, 8 February 2010


Hello everyone!
Well today has been a funny old day actually....
I woke up thinking right today is weigh in day lets get this lb off and my first stone..when I stepped on the scales they said the same as last week AGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!

If Id been bad and eating alot of good things or even had a treat Id have seen the logic but to sts when you have actually tried now thats just unfair!

I even felt rubbish as my hubby lost 3lbs and is now weighing less than terrible is that! Cant believe how wrapped up in just me I am sometimes! I even forgot to send him his well done text that I send every monday after ive looked to see what hes lost...That made me feel even worse!!

I have decided to take a fellow weight watchers advice and think sometimes you just have to stick 2 fingers up to the scales and say...I know i did well so there!

I also know that this is only a minor set back on my road to slimness...and it will be a long road..but with all my good friends (you know who you all are) I will get there!!
Now to more important things like what Im going to do to secure a good weight loss!!!
Not sure everyone knows but I developed an unhealthy addiction to mikados
They are just soooooo totally nice!! well I was munching the 76g box for 4 points but have now found littler boxes 3 for £1.99 at 2 pts per box and will limit myself to one per day!! Also the corner shop sell them in the small boxes! So Im going to walk to the shop everyday for my mikados lol
Todays eating had been good

- toast and laughing cow 3.5
-2 tiangle egg sandwhiches and 2 scotch pancakes with jam -6 pts
-chilli con carne and rice with wws nachos and vegetables for 7.5
- ready brek and milk,mikados and a snowball 6.5

total 23.5 so alls good!!

Hope everyone else has a great week and thanks for listening! xx


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