Sunday, 28 February 2010


Good evening everyone!

Ive just realised its been a few days since Ive popped on.
Dreading the scales tomorow as it doesnt seem to matter what I do i stay the same!!!!
I have decided if i dont lose tomorow Im going to have to batter the scales around the back garden!! Because they will clearly be at beware scales you have been warned lol!!
Hubby is away off to work up north tomorow :0( hate it but has to be done I suppose. Im sure our names are on the next big lottery win tho so fingers crossed!

speak to you tomorow after weigh in!

Thursday, 18 February 2010

I never stop being amazed!

Hi everyone,
Hope you are all well and are slimmer since my last post!
Things are better with me I come to know that things are never as bad as what they appear to be,someone is always feeling it more than you!
Last Thursday after our great day out at the zoo my good friend Laura at 37 had a heart attack ...I was totally shocked as she was...its something you read about in magazines and never expect it too happen to someone close to you.
I feel better today having been to see her and she looks in great spirits and it has only been a 'small' attack but still warning enough that your body needs to slow down (if you read this laura...take note Im onto more chips and cheese for you ma lass lol!)

On a lighter note ..Ive been busy doing wedding corsages and flowers which has kept my mind off the demon food!! lol
If you fancy a look you can see all my nice things by going to- (hope it works lol)

Its dinner time at this zoo and Im going to make pork loin with new potatoes and mustard and mushroom sauce with steam veggies so I better get onto that now and stop chatting to you! lol

take care of each other.

love shiralee xx

Saturday, 13 February 2010

Liver without the onions!!!

well hello everyone,
Its been a few days since a left anything on here..
There has been a few reasons..Firstly Ive been quite busy doing peoples wedding flowers and as its near valentines day Ive had a run on corsages and single stem roses lol
I also got the results back from my liver tests. I was also at hospital today to see a specialist.
Ive been a little sad and scared too be honest we never want to know theres something going on inside us where we cant see!
I have what is commonly known as fatty was a blow a can tell you!! I immediately thought omg..Ive done this too myself. The doctor reassured me that I could be 6 stones and be told i had 'fatty liver' but as Im obese( hate that word) losing weight will eliminate that as the reason!!
I also got a list of foods to aviod..sadly all the foods that I love but I havent been eating them for the last 6 weeks and I dont miss them so Im sure i will manage without them now!! So watch this space I will be thin and I will lose this fat from my liver!
I spent a great day at edinburgh Zoo through the week with my Friend Laura and our kids and my wee neice Ellie it was soo much fun although we did see alot of animals doing dodgy things!!
A frisky baboon, A gorilla playing with his willy lol, A rhino willy as he peed all over us! Was so much fun but try explaining all that to a 5 year old lol

well ile speak to you all soon Im off to get ready for my hot date with my hubby for valentines day..hope you all have lots of love tomorow! xxxx

sherry,love to all!

Monday, 8 February 2010


Hello everyone!
Well today has been a funny old day actually....
I woke up thinking right today is weigh in day lets get this lb off and my first stone..when I stepped on the scales they said the same as last week AGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!

If Id been bad and eating alot of good things or even had a treat Id have seen the logic but to sts when you have actually tried now thats just unfair!

I even felt rubbish as my hubby lost 3lbs and is now weighing less than terrible is that! Cant believe how wrapped up in just me I am sometimes! I even forgot to send him his well done text that I send every monday after ive looked to see what hes lost...That made me feel even worse!!

I have decided to take a fellow weight watchers advice and think sometimes you just have to stick 2 fingers up to the scales and say...I know i did well so there!

I also know that this is only a minor set back on my road to slimness...and it will be a long road..but with all my good friends (you know who you all are) I will get there!!
Now to more important things like what Im going to do to secure a good weight loss!!!
Not sure everyone knows but I developed an unhealthy addiction to mikados
They are just soooooo totally nice!! well I was munching the 76g box for 4 points but have now found littler boxes 3 for £1.99 at 2 pts per box and will limit myself to one per day!! Also the corner shop sell them in the small boxes! So Im going to walk to the shop everyday for my mikados lol
Todays eating had been good

- toast and laughing cow 3.5
-2 tiangle egg sandwhiches and 2 scotch pancakes with jam -6 pts
-chilli con carne and rice with wws nachos and vegetables for 7.5
- ready brek and milk,mikados and a snowball 6.5

total 23.5 so alls good!!

Hope everyone else has a great week and thanks for listening! xx

Thursday, 4 February 2010

Good evening all

Hello everyone!
Nearly the weekend again..the days are just flying in and my flab with them with any luck lol
hope everyone is well!
Been busy doing some diy,just getting the house all tidied up!Tricky job but has to be done!

Its just a waiting game for all those dreaded hospital results now...not looking forward to that all.
I have decided to take myself away on holiday next year with my friend Laura and her daughter and my daughter best friend all womans week! wahey! Still more than a year till we go but Im sooo excited already!
This year tho we are going to Skye in July just me hubby and our dogs as my daughter is away sunning herself with caitlin. Then in September we are planning Grannys heilin hame in Dornoch..should be fun!
Had a good day today....

breakfast - toast and laughing cow
Lunch - spicy lentil and vegetables soup and herby bread
tea - pork escalope,cauliflower cheese,new potatoes and vegetables desert was chocolate pudding
night time - ready brek and caramel log.

Managed to fit 2 half hour walks in today so happy with that!

Decided to get a new hair colour and cut on celebrate my 1st stone well hope first stone on Monday ...

will also pop a new pic on one stone down lol

best wishes to everyone!

Monday, 1 February 2010

Fourth week weigh in!

Good evening all...

Well stood on scales today and had a 3lb happy with that.
We still havent been having 'bad' snacks and are still giving the choc and dvd Saturday night a miss!
I did go to pizza hut last week and had the happy hour meal which I totally enjoyed..wedges and spag bol!! I was very good and asked for it without any cheese tho and just added a small sprinkle of parmesan at the table!

I also went to the cinema and didnt even venture into the sweet shop bit...and thats very good for me! Have to say it felt quite alien sitting there and eating nothing during the film but I will be fine from now on.

Ive also been for my liver scan and just awaiting the results now...feel ok and trying to just think positive about it all. Been doing some diy to keep my mind off it..sproucing up our bedroom and kitchen.

I managed a good walk tonight..walked to the post box and posted a letter..normally I would send my daughter,walked to the shop with my daughter, walked to my alls good!!

Ive decided that I will also get up early all week and see if this helps me sleep and Im also not taking my laptop upstairs as I think being on the laptop keeps me awake. I left it downstairs last night and slept which was great got up refreshed today..ready for my day!!

todays eating has went well..

breakfast - toast and lemon and lime marmalade
Lunch - wwfh chicken and mushroom pasta
dinner - stewed beef with root vegetables,new potatoes and green beans pudding was light vanilla carte dore ice cream with sugar free jelly
night time - 2 tunnocks snow balls with cup of tea.

I have been trying to have a pudding everynight as I really enjoy something nice after my dinner.

Hope everyone has a good week and I will speak to you soon! x