Thursday, 18 February 2010

I never stop being amazed!

Hi everyone,
Hope you are all well and are slimmer since my last post!
Things are better with me I come to know that things are never as bad as what they appear to be,someone is always feeling it more than you!
Last Thursday after our great day out at the zoo my good friend Laura at 37 had a heart attack ...I was totally shocked as she was...its something you read about in magazines and never expect it too happen to someone close to you.
I feel better today having been to see her and she looks in great spirits and it has only been a 'small' attack but still warning enough that your body needs to slow down (if you read this laura...take note Im onto more chips and cheese for you ma lass lol!)

On a lighter note ..Ive been busy doing wedding corsages and flowers which has kept my mind off the demon food!! lol
If you fancy a look you can see all my nice things by going to- (hope it works lol)

Its dinner time at this zoo and Im going to make pork loin with new potatoes and mustard and mushroom sauce with steam veggies so I better get onto that now and stop chatting to you! lol

take care of each other.

love shiralee xx


Blogger giggles said...

A lesson for us take note too madam shiralee :)

23 February 2010 at 13:09  

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